This is my first piece of beadwork. The green faceted beads are from Medora, ND. The other beads are from a collection that Mia had.

The blue fishes are bought in Wallmart (!), Dickinson. I found the green cubes and rounds at the danish website

The necklace to the left is made of green faceted glass beads (3mm and 4mm). The bright green-yellow beads are gemstones. (I forgot the name). The necklace to the right is made of freshwater pearls and golden seed beads.

I really like this set. They are made of rose quartz (4 mm rounds and cubes) and freshwater pearls with silver spacers and silver claps. The beads are from

These two necklaces are the latest work. They are made of gemstones with silver spacers or are silver cubes between the stones. I found the beads at the danish website The owner is a silversmith, who makes claps and some of the beads herself.

This is a closeup of the claps. They are glued to the beads and suits the cubed gemstomes very nicely.

©2004 Hans Jørn Storgaard Andersen - 19. september 2004